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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  April 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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basis. >> amato is on unpaid leave pending investigation of the criminal case. gary nurenberg, 9news now. good morning! and welcome to 9news now. today is tuesday, april 5th. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm surae chinn. thank you for joining us today. howard is right here and angie is going to have traffic. we want to start with severe weather today. >> spotsylvania counties, you folks are under severe thunderstorm warning under 4:45. the tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. let's go over to live doppler 9000 hd. new warnings obviously just issued. we'll get that information for you. that's coming out from maryland. this line of storms is moving off toward the east. you can see it there across prince george's county's anne arundel counties. the line of storms is moving across the district as well. take a quick look and show you what's happening here with the doppler. get the warnings out to you. show you the whole line of
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storms. it includes montgomery is also in the new severe thunderstorm warning going on right now with this line of storms. this line of storms is moving east. 50, 60, 70 miles per hour. the concern is it could have obviously winds 60 miles per hour or greater. also some hail and if you're going to have any damage, it will be with a line of storms as it quickly races east. it is moving across charles county. isolated tornadoes not even out of the question here. the way this is moving, mainly gusty winds. here's marbury. you folks along 301 corridor, get ready. fort washington over toward accokeek, this is past woodbridge through d.c. as we speak. we'll come up 95 a little bit. national about to get hammered coming out of arlington here in northwest. bethesda, montgomery county, you've been dealing with this as well. this is moving up across you. toward the eastern part of the county, same with howard county through central and eastern howard county. here is glen out in clarksville. jess said give it 15 to 20.
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same with laurel about 10 to 15 as it all moves off toward the east. behind it, we've been watching the showers, the thunderstorms and that will be the case this morning as we go through the day, it will be a day where we're warm now. it is only going to get colder. maybe some thunder left. light showers at noon. this afternoon, sunny, breezy and cooler. we'll be falling into the low 50s. angie in. >> thank you, howard. not so turbulent out on the roadways. we're turning on the green light because we have no major incidents to tell you about. the only thing we're dealing with, the construction, we always do around this time for the next half hour. drivers are going to lose the left lane. outside on route 50 or near route 50 on the outer loop, that's where more roadwork takes away another right lane. for 270 drivers, you'll want to watch for the work zones, you can see through our little camera here going southbound between clopper road and i-370 should be clearing.
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virginia, 66, your construction incident and accident free. drivers moving nicely. same goes for 395 headed northbound. you can see through a rainy shot. more on 50 traveling westbound. i'll have that at 4:40. back to you. here is a look at some things which happened while you slept. the uconn huskies are national champions for the third time. >> they beat the butler bulldogs 53-41. huskies managed to hold the bulldogs to a final four record low of just 18.8 shooting percentage average. there was strong police presence outside of houston's gamble pavilion. about a dozen fans were arrested for getting out of control. >> also, while you slept, engineers at the crippled nuclear power plant in northern japan say radiation several million times the legal limit has leaked into the ocean. they say the radiation will quickly dissipate. however, they're not sure how it will affect the environment. the fukushima nuclear power plant has been leaking radioactive material since last month's earthquake and tsunami.
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the federal aviation administration has ordered emergency inspections of aging boeing 737s. >> now, this directive follows friday's incident that left a huge, gaping hole in a southwest airlines plane that was in the air. joel brown reports. >> reporter: the inspectors will use sophisticated electromagnetic technology to look for cracks on 175 boeing 737s worldwide. most of the planes in the u.s. are owned by southwest airlines but the one involved in friday's emergency landing in arizona. a five foot hole popped open near a joint on the passenger cabin while the plane was cruising at 35,000 feet. >> does not believe this was an area that could fail until we see it now. >> reporter: the 15-year-old jet had almost 40,000 takeoffs and landings. fatigue happens in all aluminum-type aircraft. all metal-type aircraft. >> reporter: following the incident, southwest inspectors discovered three more jets with
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subsurface cracks. >> the ntsb's wrapped up its on- scene investigation. now, the focus shifts here to washington where in-depth analysis begins on that section of the plane that ripped apart. >> the roof ripped off of one of them. you have to take a look at rivets and what's going on. >> reporter: despite the problems, many southwest passengers are still flying. >> not really that worried about it. i have faith. >> reporter: southwest says it has inspected 64 jets and returned them to service and after several days of widespread cancellations, the carrier is expected to launch a full schedule of flights today. joel brown, cbs news, washington. southwest believes inspections performed will meet the standards set by the faa. mayor vincent gray's former campaign chair is no longer in the running to head up the washington convention center and sports authority. the mayor says lorain green requested her name be withdrawn. she's at the center of a controversy involving former
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mayoral candidate brown. green contends that they were given money. michelle rhee is nearly certain that an investigation into standardized test scores will show no wrongdoing. rey was back in d.c. monday as a guest on a radio show. her appearance comes more than a "usa today" uncovered a high number of erasures on the test. rhee says while she supports a probe by the inspector general, she's confident there was no widespread cheating. >> what you want to do is make sure that the cloud has lifted. that people are very clear and confident about what was achieved. >> rhee said she couldn't comment on our report that people had been removed from their positions in 2009 after high erasure rates were discovered in four classrooms. the president of the company that d.c. hired to analyze the test results is
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talking. john frommer feels the credibility is in question. caveon's consulting included in person interviews with teachers. they found no evidence of teaching and fremer stands by their results. >> personally, erasing a whole bunch of answers and filling in correct ones, it is just not plausible. that teachers could be doing that. so, that's one of the questions we had to ask ourselves. so, if it were happening, it would have to be by somebody other than a teacher. >> freme believes the reason for the erasures is teachers encouraged students to review their work. as we said, we're under a severe weather alert. coming up at 4:39, howard will have the latest on what could be heading our way. >> at 4:49, not everyone is a
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gaga over gauguin. >> find out what has harry potter fans flocking to new yorks times square. we'll be right back.
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. severe weather alert going on right now. we have a tornado watch until 10:00. yellow counties, all severe thunderstorm warnings. ones to the south until 4:45. east and southeast of the metro until 5:30 this morning. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. you can see the line of storms extending now from north of baltimore through howard county coming right through d.c. and charles county. to east of fredericksburg. want to show you what's happening to the stronger storms here because these things are booking east. they could have winds in excess
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of 50, 60 miles per hour. look how quickly they're moving east across the region. they'll blow through the district in the next five minutes, prince george's county is going to pound you here in the next 10 to 20 minutes then eventually in the next 20 to 30 getting over toward areas of annapolis down toward chesapeake beach, north beach, mechanicsville. you'll see this in about 15 or 20 minutes. colonial beach heading your way. potentially, winds gusting in excess of 60, even small hail possible with these storms. we're looking at the strong to severe thunderstorms this morning. by 9:00, just some rain around. really in the next hour, the worst will be pushing through. midday, still can't rule out a few showers. sun returns this afternoon. windy and much colder than yesterday. with temperatures falling into the lower 50s. it is 4:41. here's angie goff. >> thank you, howard. right now, the rain is falling. no major problems to tell you about as we travel 50 headed westbound across the bay bridge through bowie all the way to the capital beltway.
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still to come, we're going to recap the lingering construction in the area at 4:49. back to you. >> thank you, angie. at 4:42, time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. >> good morning, ladies. investors have been enjoying the green air rose of late on wall street. we'll have to see if stocks will continue to head higher thanks in part to a recent burst of merger news. the dow stands at 12,400 finished day up to about higher. the s&p 500 was fractionally higher. if you are a citibank customer, it is about to get easier to avoid hefty overdraft fees starting july 25th, citibank says it will process checks starting with the smallest amounts first. banks typically process checks from largest to smallest. that means if a large check overdraws an account, each smaller check will. that results at about $30 a pop.
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so far, none of the other major banks plan to follow. >> google plans to bid $900 million in cash for nortel's bankruptcy auction. it includes about 6,000 patents on a broad range of technology including wireless, data networking and computer chips. stocks relatively cheap still on some basis. you're starting to see the merger activity coming back. very healthy sign for wall street. >> the banks just find a way to take your money, right? >> well, they do but the citibank move is very, very good for consumers because that ratio of small checks versus large checks potentially bouncing. this is very good news for consumers. >> thank you, jess. our time is 4:43. howard is up with the forecast and angie is checking the roads. >> see how crooks use heavy equipment to rob a bank only to wind up empty-handed. it is all caught on tape. we'll be right back.
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>> severe weather alert this morning. we've got a tornado watch until 10:00 severe thunderstorm warning for d.c. and points east. prince george's county, montgomery, howard, anne arundel, calvert, charles counties all until 5:30 this morning. want to start with live doppler 9000 hd. you can see what's happening here. the yellow counties, those are all under the severe thunderstorm warnings. even down to the south in king, george, stafford and spotsylvania. that's about to expire there at 4:45. any moment, you'll see the counties drop off. a strong squall line from west of baltimore to the east side of washington now. still inside the beltway over toward fedex field. this is what we're looking at. i'm going to zoom in here on live doppler 9000 hd. still moderate to heavy rains back up 270 in montgomery and frederick counties. you see the strong line of red here. just west of baltimore. we'll start north to south here. up and down into columbia now. 29, 95. bw parkway. these things are moving east 50
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to 60 miles per hour. they're book across the region. by 6:00 a.m., i think they'll be over toward the bay or cleared into the eastern shore. this is how quickly things are moving. so, early flights at bwi will find some delays. in fact, a tornado warning was just issued. we'll find out what that's coming out for. see the county that turned into red into prince george's county. now, we're look again at a potential tornado, doppler indicated tornado more than likely right there. that goes until 5:05 for south central anne arundel, southern georges, northwestern calvert and st. mary's. a storm moving east at 60 miles per hour. take cover now. you should be in an interior part of your building or basement if you can. this is a doppler-indicated tornado. as we looked at it on live doppler 9000 hd, these storms pushing through bowie and atlanta now. you can see the big line of
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storms here. we're looking at this line of thunderstorms which may produce an isolated tornado now. it does appear to be a doppler- indicated tornado. the problem with this is it is pouring and it is dark. you wouldn't be able to see anything until it was on top of you. the severe thunderstorms are showing signs of rotation. so, a doppler-indicated tornado warning as opposed to somebody saying hey, there is a tornado on the ground. want to go farther south. this line from bowie to lan um to clinton moving quickly to the east at some 60 miles per hour. from la plata north, you have to watch out. it does look like the worst of the storm at the moment, anyway, we'll zoom in a little bit over toward bowie and lanum. we'll switch it over to the velocities. we see the greens and reds. this is where we start to worry. you could have a little bit of rotation. nothing evident that we've got
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an obvious tornado on the ground but in a situation like this where storms are moving as quickly as they're moving, this is the bigger concern for us this morning that we could have just a quick spin-off of something short-lived but clearly capable of producing some damage. let's show you quickly couple of other things for you. there is the tornado watch. we've got some lightning and thunder with it as well. not as much lightning as you might think but a lot of wind and hail and going back a good 12 hours or so. you can see how everything has moved in here. see, here we are in d.c. with a line of storms. so your bus stop forecast does call for showers and storms. temperatures will be falling into the 50s and an abbreviated forecast because we have the tornado warning until 5:05, 50s today. 64 tomorrow near 70 on thursday. then we've got another chance of some showers on friday and saturday in the 60s. we shoot back to 82 on sunday. we'll be tracking the severe weather all morning long. right now, tracking your roads
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is angie goff. >> thank you, howard. very busy in the weather center right now. not the case so far in the traffic center. that's the way we like it. nice and green out there. no major incidents or accidents to tell you about. we're watching for that to clear specifically on 50 headed eastbound. you'll see it on the outer loop at route 50. outside, if you can see through the camera here, 270 headed southbound. around the clopper road area. drivers moving at speed. virginia's 95, no problems if you're making your way out of fredericksburg. a slick commute up toward the mixing bowl. still ahead, we're going to check on your maryland roads at 4:57. back to you. the new paul gauguin exhibit has drawn rave reviews and thousands of people since it opened back in february. >> but it seems one of the exhibit's attendees was not a big gauguin fan at all and now she's under arrest. >> it is considered one of the largest and most significant
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gauguin exhibits of the last 20 years here in the u.s. 114 works by the french master on display. actually, as of friday, make that 113. the exhibit features paintings from every stage of gauguin's remarkable career. women in a make go grove is from his early impressionistic phase. >> he has a sense of color that was just extraordinary. >> number 123 is from his later, more exotic period. >> it is an intentionally decorative interpretation of the subject. >> number 7 is... gone. taken down for now for security reasons. >> in my 20 some years at the gallery, we haven't had an incident like this. >> it happened according to the chief of information around 4:45 friday afternoon. >> a woman came into the exhibit's third gallery and made a beeline for the painting there, number 145, two tahitian
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women. the women grabbed the painting and started shaking it and pounding on the plexiglass covering it. >> according to visitors who were there at the time, she was saying this is evil. >> the oil painting of two topless women which was completed in 1899 is considered one of gauguin's most important works. its value? not priceless but awfully close. >> i can say it is worth a lot of money, yes. >> the museum's director says today they were pleased and relieved to announce the painting was not damaged and should be back up as part of the exhibit sometime tomorrow. >> whenever a work of art might sustain potential damage, it is of great concern to all of us. >> reporter: today, the suspect in the case was identified as susan burns, an alexandria woman who turned 53 on friday, the day of the incident. prosecutors say she'll be back in court tomorrow and is expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. and matt adds the incident was captured on surveillance cameras. the suspect has pleaded not
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guilty at her first court appearance. well, a less than stealthy bank heist is all caught an tape. thieves stole a front-end loader from a construction site and they used it to ram the side of the bank. you can see it right there. they scoop up an atm and drop it in the back of a pickup truck. maybe this idea looked good on paper but police later found the front-end loader. the pickup and the atm with the money still locked inside. this all happened last month. police have just released this video hoping to generate tips that will lead to the robbers. amazing! >> wow. at 4:53, time now for the question of the morning. >> so, here it is. it is a proven fact that women do this three times as much as men. so, what is it? is it laugh, cry or complain? it might be a tossup for some people. post your answer to our facebook page and we'll share your responses in the 5:00 hour. stay with us! i finally found a body wash that moisturizes and softens my dry skin.
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. your weather first and the severe weather alert day. this morning, we've got tornado watch and tornado warnings actually. doppler indicated tornado. you can see the counties in red. anne arundel, charles, calvert and st. mary's. these storms are moving east at 60 miles per hour. these are doppler-indicated tornadoes. want to show you what's happening on the doppler. i'm going to drive it from back here in the weather office. bear with me. east of town, we've got this strong squall line pushing through from baltimore through
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bowie and down toward just about into northern st. mary's county. you can see bowie is passed you. it is crossing 301 as we speak and route 50. get ready. these are doppler-indicated tornado warnings. which means there's plenty of spin showing up in the storms. we don't have any confirmation from anybody that we actually have a tornado but you need to take precautions nonetheless. stay in interior part of your home. if you have a basement, that would be a good place to ride it out for the next 15 or 20 minutes as the strong line of storms moves through upper marlboro, dunkirk getting ready to move into anne arundel county as we speak. as we go south, further south into charles county, eastern prince george's county, see the line of storms. looks like it is maybe bowing a little bit. watch out for some strong wind which are blowing through your area now. as far as today is concerned, we'll see better weather this afternoon. it will be windy and turning much cooler than yesterday. highs in the low 50s. angie? >> thank you, howard.
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right now, we're tracking your trip on 95 and the parkway. everything all clear out of laurel down to 495. still ahead, we're checking on your roads across the viewing area. that's at 5:01. now back to you. thank you, angie. arnold schwarzenegger rolls out a sneak peek of his new superhero cartoon. >> wizards are lining up to see hogwarts great hall. kendis gibson has those stories and more in your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: he promised he would be back and arnold schwarzenegger is. promoting his cartoon, altar igor, the governater. in a trailer for the animated series, he takes on global villains and 21st century disasters with the help of some tech savvy teenage sidekicks. speaking of the mccann film festival, schwarzenegger said he's not ready to talk specifics about other hollywood projects. >> we have somewhat held off with that because we wanted to pay full attention to the governater. >> troubled act es lindsay lohan may be eyeing a role as a
4:59 am
comic book villain in the new superman villain she wanted to play lois lane but she's reading for another part. her availability is another question mark. she could be tied up depending on the outcome of her court case. keanu reeves was back on the red carpet for his new movie, henry's crime. he tries to pull off a bank heist with his cellmate played by jams caan. >> the film is a fable. hopefully they can work in our own lives. they can generate something or spark something. >> some harry potter stars showed up for the opening of a new interactive exhibit in times square. fans can visit hogwarts great hall and see costumes and memorabilia from the potter films. the final movie due out this summer, author j. k. rowling is looking at releasing all seven stories as ebooks. i'm kendis gibson, cbs news, hollywood. good morning and thank you